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Science Songs    :     Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle     :     Particle Physics     :     Dark Matter     :      Evolution of Man     :     The Future

A collection of songs originally written for the Guardian Science Weekly Podcast. Recorded and produced by Jonny Berliner


Large Blue Butterfly Blues      :     DNA (The Genetics Calypso)     :     Transuranics      :     The Christmas Power Ballad of Michael Faraday      :      Relativistic Relatives      :      Archimedes

A collection of songs recorded and produced by Jay Enticknap. Relativistic Relatives recorded by Linden Jay

SCIENCE SONGS 0.3333333333 - 2016

Hunting for the Higgs   :   Save the Humphead Wrasse    :    Rise of the Machines    :     Dear Alfred Russel Wallace    :    Nobody Can Tell You 'ow the Brain Works    :    Albatross    :    Call Yourself a Scientist    :    Geek Porn    :    Circadian Rhythms    :    Don't Put Your Bottom on Facebook

A collection of songs recorded and produced by Jonny Berliner


Atoms     :     Crude    :    EM Waves    :    Energy!     :     Hypothesize, Experiment, Analyse, Conclude     :     Isaac Newton 123     :     Pi     :    Scale of the Universe in Fruit in Song     :    Sexual Reproduction

A collection of songs based on high school science. Particularly useful for revision and classroom teaching but fun for listeners of all ages. Recorded and produce by Jonny Berliner.


The Great Vape Debate     :     Use the Digital     :     The Stomach is the Monarch     :     Understanding Misunderstanding     :  Marsquakes

A collection of songs cowritten with academics to communicate their research in a novel and engaging way.