Jonny Berliner

Science troubadour and pioneer of geek pop. Educator, songwriter, playwright, musician

Science troubadour, Jonny Berliner, is a pioneer of the Geekpop genre. His unique geeky brand of comedy science songs were originally commissioned for the Guardian Science Podcast and have now been sung in all sorts of scientific places.

He’s sung about DNA at Cambridge's Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Michael Faraday at the Royal Institution, and the Higg’s boson at the LHC! He’s performed alongside Robin Ince and Brian Cox at the Hammersmith Apollo, been the warm up act for Richard Dawkins, been featured on the Radio 4 Rambling Show, and played science festivals up and down the country.

Jonny is also an experienced science educator in the formal and informal education sectors, a playwright who has penned straight plays and musical comedies for both adult and young audiences and a versatile multi-instrumentalist.

Demos, dancing and diagrams collide in Sci-Tunes, the ongoing compendium of curriculum inspired songs, youtube videos, classroom resources and a touring show that helps to make revision rock both musically and geologically!

Songs provide a simple and light-hearted way to learn and retain all those facts that students need to know from school science. These ones are designed to be used in the classroom, or at home for revision, or just to be listened to for fun. They meet specific learning objectives from the national curriculum and booking the show for your school or science festival is the perfect way to get to know them! 

“Jonny Berliner’s unique combination of science, songs and comedy are a breath of fresh air, and his show was very well received by our audience.  From exciting demos, to sing-along science, he had our audience rapt from the start, and I look forward to welcoming him back here in the future”

Peter Gallivan, Family Programme Manager, The Royal Institution

"Sci Tunes is a hilarious, fascinating show stuffed to the brim with super-cool songs and thought-provoking facts. Completely captivated an audience of all ages, even in the middle of a damp field!"

Maddy Foard - Associate Curator and Solar Stage Manager, Einstein's Garden, Green Man Festival

“A fun, fact-filled show! Jonny made science accessible by engaging students with great songs and humour. Our students loved the show as much as the staff did - highly recommended.”

Stuart Finch – Head of Science, Graveney School

"The event made some of the science my daughter is learning really fun, and the musical element was inspirational.  The presentation was energy packed"

Audience member Cambridge Science Festival

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Using Songwriting in your classroom

Jonny was awarded the Anthony Waterhouse Fellowship by the Institute of Physics to create resources for teachers to get their own students writing songs. It is a fantastic way to get students to develop deep understanding of a topic whilst taking ownership of their revision materials. It also allows them to listen to their favourite music whilst they work! Click here for lesson plans, Powerpoints and cheat sheets to help scaffold the songwriting process.

In the meantime enjoy these Sci-Tunes videos.


A hilarious disco-fabulous video to help you understand energy in all its guises. The topic is described in educationally appropriate language as endorsed by the Institute of Physics and the video featured as part of the Royal Institution's 2016 advent series. Thanks to Ed Prosser for directing and producing.

A musical guide to the Electromagnetic Spectrum by science troubadour and geek pop pioneer Jonny Berliner. Complete with helpful animations, this catchy chorus can help you memorise the spectrum and learn about what those weird invisible waves can do. Thanks to the Institute of Physics for funding it's production and Dan Josman for his editing, directing and producing skills.